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E-laundry app

E-laundry App is a laundry application that we built for Criset Technology company.

E-laundry was created as a multi-store laundry application for requesting fast and affordable laundry services from anywhere with the comfort of your phone.

About the company

CampusPunch.com a student platform to connect students to opportunities around them and help them scale through school successfully.

We started this project with so much passion to reflect the dreams of its founders.

It apparently was not going to be an easy task to lobby together a forum, an online academy, a talent hunt, a job site into one app….

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Bosak bank app

Bosak Bank App was our first experience with a bank app.

Although we have worked with on a fintech app before this was an entirely new experience for us.

Out of joy for the project our team went full head on to translate the Bosak app into a beautiful mock-up designs.

It was a pretty back and forth experience, but looking back it was a pretty fun relationship.